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Ways To Use Social Media Networks To Generate More Traffic To Your Blog


Do you have a blog post that you wished had more visitors than it presently does? There are various platforms or rather digital mediums to help achieve that. There are mobile phones to advertise on. Search engines are used to your advantage to gain visibility. Another option, ideal for the blog, is to use social media networks to your advantage. If you thought Facebook and Instagram and similar social media sites were just for people to find each other and ‘like’ stuff then you could not have been more wrong. Social media networks are a great way to target audiences, even the specific groups, who have similar interests, as those reflected in your blog.  

You can even generate more (genuine) ‘likes’ for the blog and optimize the content of the blog to share it further for greater visibility as well as reaching out to a wider audience by making use of certain digital marketing tips. This will even help generate more traffic to the blog. 

Ways to use Facebook and similar sites to garner more visibility and traffic to your blog  

  • Compose an enticing Facebook post 

With there being so many posts it might be difficult to catch the attention of readers with your post on Facebook, but there are a few elements which need to be considered to make your post draw eyeballs, namely –  

  • A headline that is catchy  
  • A design that draws immediate attention  
  • Some text located above the image which will want to make readers click and read the entire article  

Usually, Facebook picks up the image, headline and description to your blog when you upload the link, so you have to ensure that all these elements in your blog itself are catchy and impressive. The image can be big enough to entice viewers thus eliminating the need for a headline or link description. 

  • Choose the right time to post for organic reach 

The time when you post your link also matters in generating greater traffic. The link to the site must be posted at a time when most of your followers are online thus helping garner genuine, organic likes and shares instantly. You can find out via ‘page insights’ for your posts as to the day of the week and time when the post has greater potential to grab more attention, as in when was there the most traffic to the post. 

  • Boost your post by creating target audience groups  

After posting your link with the appropriate elements in place, you can next promote your post by targeting it to audience that has liked your page (and their friends too) along with those who have previously been on your page or engaged with it. This can be done by going to the Facebook Ad manager and selecting ‘audience’ and further clicking on ‘custom audience’ to select target group. On the ‘engagement’ option you can select the group of people that has previously visited your page. Accordingly, you can even select an appropriate budget to promote and advertise your post for a few hours, or days.  

Apart from these steps, you can create ad campaigns to target audiences who are readers of the blog, customers or those interested in the post topic and further you can monitor these campaigns too.  

These few elements can help boost traffic to your blog.  


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