Types Of Deep Cycle Batteries 

Deep Cycle Batteries Dubbo are, like the common lead-acid car batteries, a form of storage units that rely on a chemical reaction to provide rechargeable electrical power to the system. These batteries are designed to be cycled many times for a long overall life of battery.

The primary functioning of the deep cycle batteries can be easily understood by comparing it to a simple car battery except for a single main difference i.e. the car battery is used and preferred for a burst of high voltage in a short time while deep cycle batteries are used for steady rate of power supply over a desired period of time.

Like the improvements in the lead-acid car battery, there have been many changes in the development of deep cycle batteries so today, there are a number of options available in the deep cycle batteries such as, flooded batteries, gel batteries and AGM batteries. The design and specifications of all these types differ.

The flooded battery is similar to the common lead-acid battery. Gel batteries contain a gel-like substance in them while the AGM batteries consist of acid suspended in a glass separator. The details of these batteries will be discussed in a while.

There’s another recently-invented type of battery that is worth mentioning here. They are called Lithium-ion battery and they are believed to be the next generation of the batteries. They will be a treat, especially for the grid-connected houses in Dubbo, Australia.

Ratings of the Deep Cycle Batteries 

Different rating methods are available in the case of batteries. From volts and amps to Amp hours (Ah) or the recently developed, Kilowatt-hour (kWh). The usage of these systems depends mostly on their application. For example, kWh is used for residential applications. It was not known common when the application of the batteries was restricted to industrial use. Similarly, the Amp hours (Ah) is used to define the capacity of the battery to change chemical energy to electrical energy. It can also be used to approximate the amount of energy that can be stored in the battery. Moreover, this unit can also be used to estimate the amount of time the battery can give power before it needs to be charged again. 

AGM Batteries 

As mentioned before, the Absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries are a type of deep cycle batteries with a little modification. In the AGM batteries, the electrolyte is absorbed in a fiberglass mat, hence the name, AGM. The plates in AGM batteries may be flat or spiral. However, in either case, the AGM batteries offer lower internal resistance along with the ability to operate at higher temperatures. The self-discharging is also relatively slower in the AGM batteries.  

In AGM batteries, there is a valve that activates when the battery is recharged at high voltage. The purpose of the valve is to let some of the excessive gas escape when the pressure exceeds the safety limits. In doing so, it regulates the pressure back to the safety levels. A significant attraction of AGM battery is that its maintenance free. This, however, does not mean it does not require cleaning or regular functioning testing. The AGM batteries can be oriented in any way, unlike the common flooded lead-acid batteries which need to be places upright to avoid acid spills.  

Gel Batteries 

The Gel batteries, another form of deep cycle batteries, are also valve regulated. They, on the other hand, have the electrolyte in the form of gel. Due to electrolyte being in gel form, Gel batteries remove the need for battery to be kept upright to avoid any kind of spillage. They are also more heat and shock resistant. Gel batteries also eliminate the evaporation of the electrolyte since it’s in gel form. Keeping the qualities of the gel batteries in view, they are mostly used for automobiles, boats, aircrafts and other vehicles for they can absorb good amount of vibration, unlike the other options of batteries available.

Buying the right battery 

Buying the right battery for your application can be an important decision so it’s better to take advice from an expert. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to go out seeking experts then the knowledge shared in this article should suffice for the selection stage. Whether it’s your home in Dubbo or the vehicle you wish to drive, in either case, you can go through the specifications of the different batteries and choose the one that suits your needs.