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Things to Consider before Hiring a Jumping Castle  

Even during our “cold” season, there are some very compelling reasons to have fun across the Southern Hemisphere. And when we say “cold”, we don’t mean really cold; even during the coldest times of the year, Sydney basks at about 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). On top of it, during the winters, it is a lot cheaper in Australia to undertake road trips, organise events and plan parties owing to minimal tourist activity. VIVID Sydney, the largest party of lights, music, and ideas in Australia is a case in point. So it may well be a fantastic idea to make your friends and family feel special and happier right now without any second thought. With less crowded roads and fewer tourists, you could plan and execute your party with a relaxed mind and a happy wallet.

However, today, the mosaic of any party is incomplete without sufficient entertainment material for kids, and in this regard, jumping castles top the list. With increasing hiring of inflatable jumping houses at the outdoor fetes, myriad safety concerns have surfaced which need to be addressed for the sake of your children’s’ safety. Do not forget to consider these things before hiring a jumping castle: 

What is a Jumping Castle Anyway? 

Used for recreational purposes, the bouncy houses are inflatable structures that serve to entertain children at outdoor galas, and more importantly, to give parents some peace of mind to fully enjoy the party. These are usually rented and an unprecedented growth in their popularity has resulted in a burgeoning jumping castle obstacle course hire Sydney industry. The bouncy castles are now available in countless and even customised forms such as inflatable slides, games, obstacle course, animal shapes, and more. The ease with which they can be moved around makes them a must-have for your daytime outdoor fiestas.  

Watch out for the quality of your favourite bouncy castles! 

This is the first and the foremost point to consider as it is directly related to your kid’s safety. Make sure with the manufacturer that the jumping castle you are going to buy or hire is made up of standard material. The rental company must follow specific guideline sand rules during the making of these houses. The inflatable should be long lasting and safe. The bouncy castle can easily be punctured or torn-off in case of lower quality material, inflicting severe injuries on your child. Also, the material should not be too hard that can hurt kids when they are jumping on it.  

Scrutinize the whole thing meticulously 

Before deciding to finally hire a bouncy house for your offspring, take a good look into every nook and cranny of the structure and make sure it is not having any rips and slits and that they are not torn. A good idea would be to reinforce the pressure points so as to preclude any misadventure. Furthermore, if you believe in no compromise on your children’s health, do make sure that the inflatable houses are clean and hygienic. Although hiring such immaculate castles could well be an uphill task, go for recommended manufacturers in town like Footy Jumping Castles.   

Ask questions from the manufacturer 

It’s good to be flabbergasted by the impending party next day; it’s better to be circumspect about the stuff you are hiring for your loved ones. Imagine you have pre-ordered the castle and now you are involved in other chores. Meanwhile, the hired jumping castles obstacle course has been placed and you don’t even know how to set up and remove the castle. So you must be vigilant and don’t let the company boys go until you ask them how to operate the entire structure.  

Check terms and conditions  

Last but not the least, when it comes down to hiring an inflatable castle, you must go through the terms and conditions vis-à-vis exchange and return so you have the choice to return it back to the rental company later if you are not satisfied.  

Most of the times, the revels of celebration make us forget some of the most important aspects of our children’s well being.