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Take Care Of Forests, Because They Take Care Of You! 

Why is forest such an important element of the environment? Why is it necessary to plant more and more trees, and to stop deforestation? While, we all have read science books and environment journals on how important trees and forests are for the general life on Earth, most of us tend to ignore the benefits that the generations have been reaping since the millenniums. We are losing 13 million hectares of forests every year, which means that the amount of damage being caused to our lifestyle and environment has quadrupled. Even now, with the environmental protection movements being the rage, we are still debating on how to protect and preserve forests without causing any further damage. It is about time we realize the reality that the improvisation in our everyday lifestyle has caused a severe damage to the forests that face the brunt of our modern needs. We need to stabilize the environment by protecting what’s left of the overall percentage of the forests around the world, and by planting more trees. For that, every concerned individual on this planet has to understand that we need to take care of the forests, because they matter! 

Why forests matter? I will start off with my pointers here with the one that is easily going to resonate with everyone – natural beauty! Trees, forests and everything associated are the major source of enjoyment for humans and are an inspiration for a peaceful lifestyle. It is a strong believe, which is even a reality, that trees give us all a feeling of tranquillity and peace in life. It is all natural, and there is nothing superficial in it. For everyone’s peace of mind, it is mandatory that tree removal services Geelong be banned from the major forests, and natural reservoirs from around the world. Not just this, but nearly three hundred million people across the globe have forests as their home. It means that not forests are not just a place to live for them, but it is their major source of medicine, livelihood, food and the associated things required to lead a suitable lifestyle.  

Coming to the statistics on paper again, around 60 million indigenous people completely depend on forests for every aspect of their life and survival. Similarly, more than 1.6 billion people around the world earn their income, one way or the other, through forests. It means that forests are not only protecting our environment, but are a major source of sustainability of life on earth. There is no doubt, we all know that trees and forests aren’t just home to humans. They are the habitat for all sorts of animals, including mammals, insects and birds. More than half of the world’s species are living in the forests, hence being the budding grown for biodiversity. More than this, we all have grown up hearing and knowing the basic lifecycle that trees are the basic source of oxygen production. They produce oxygen and absorb excessive amount of carbon dioxide that isn’t healthy for the climate system and human ingestion.  

Forests regulate the environment by controlling the climate and putting flooding in check. Due to excessive deforestation, the climate extremities have started to swell up in various regions around the world. This may cause either excessive heat or flooding. When strategically planted and maintained, forests can help regulate the climate of the earth to extreme positive levels. Likewise, forests and the plantation constitute the significant part of the water cycle. Trees allow the water to filter into the soil that in turn becomes a source of drinking water for people and a home for aquatic life. With these two major factors, it isn’t difficult to understand that the key to the safety of our environment lie in the hands of the forests.  

I will close this list by telling you one significant aspect of forests that is going to resonate with all the most. The establishment of forests allows us the development of trails for bird-watching, hiking, snow sports and other tourism related stuff. If not for any other thing, I know we all wouldn’t ever want to sacrifice on our nature hangouts. So, I think, we have made a point already. Take care of forests, because they take care of you!