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Purchase now the most elegant Jewells only from MDT-Designs!

Is it valid to say that you’re looking for a Melbourne goldsmith to make you an amazing, high-quality, precious stone wedding band or diamond engagement rings that isn’t standard for any other band you’ve ever seen? If you need a lovely and modern thing? Exceptional and tense, huh? Example and immortal? Whatever your heart desires, you can find me and my group of precious stone graders, gem dealers and originators at MDT design. We’ve been designing our ornaments like diamond engagement rings in Melbourne since 1981, and every piece of jewellery is made in our Collins Street Melbourne workshop located behind our boutique in the heart of Melbourne and highly esteemed to rejuvenate your fantasy ring! 

Purchase now the most elegant Jewells only from MDT-Designs!  

If there isn’t too much trouble, come and talk to me, Nicholas Theohari, and my party of professional and skilled designers, precious stone graders, and gem dealers. Our gem experts will individually plan diamond engagement rings for you that you will love forever. Irrespective of whether you lean toward classical or contemporary plans, we will make a hand-crafted piece of diamond engagement rings that is really what your heart desires, using only the finest precious metals and stones. 

At MDT design, we Handmade all of our gorgeous precious diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, wedding bands, pendants and hoops all right here in our Melbourne CBD adornment shop. Both of our custom ornaments are hand-made nearby and are 100% Australian-made for your choice to use Australian jewelery. 

Our goldsmiths make arrangements for a jewel ring to suit your design and financial strategy. 

We enjoy hand crafted and bespoke diamonds, and we make shaded and shaped rings that display your unique character, but we still believe that nothing shines like a diamond. This is why we at MDT design are the precious stone wedding band experts or best jewelers and exceptional relative to other adornment stores in Melbourne CBD for all your jewel ring needs. We’ll help inform you on the cut of precious stones, hue, lucidity, carat weight, and our best jewelers’ answer all of your questions on which jewel is right for you. We send you guidance that you should have the luxury of making choices of best jewellers in Melbourne that are right for you. We use only Dispute free gems for your choice to use absolutely assured Australian precious stones, and the finest stones that can be found in the house of precious stone graders. 

We’re going to show you a spectacular collection of shimmering stones that will blow your mind. You are assured to find a precious stone that is perfect for you when you visit our experienced ring architects and goldsmiths. We will make a proposal that will make you very happy. With regard to hand made diamond engagement rings in Melbourne, you can trust the architecture of MDT to fulfil your deepest craving. So please come and learn why, among other adornment shops in Melbourne, we’re awesome. 

Our bridal assortment includes: 

  1. Wedding Bands Women  
  1. Wedding Rings  
  1. Wedding Day Accessories  
  1. Men’s Wedding Rings  

Other Collection Incorporates Following:  

  1. Strain Set  
  1. Rings  
  1. Gemstones  
  1. Extravagant Coloured Diamonds  
  1. Mkuze  
  1. Gene Rings  
  1. Dress Rings  
  1. Men’s Rings  
  1. Hoops  
  1. Pendants 

Visit our bespoke ornament shop, the choice is yours. If you’re shopping for gold wedding bands, custom designed jewellery pieces or starting the next leg and need a perfect wedding band, you can depend on the MDT design of adornment diamond engagement rings designers and active Melbourne diamond setters to give you the ultimate support and advice on the designs that target you. Not all gem shops are made equal, and we admire constantly giving our consumers outstanding assistance and creativity to help make their ornaments like diamond engagement rings genuinely special and exclusive. 

In case you’re looking for something extraordinary, we have a massive choice of pieces available now, in addition, you can redo a genuinely outstanding handmade piece of diamond engagement rings, and you can discover us at the heart of Melbourne CBD. If it’s not too hard to come and visit our community and witness the true beauty and elegance of our beautiful designer gems and wedding bands, alongside a range of different styles of bands. 

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