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Melbourne City Tours And Sightseeing 

The world liveliest city, Melbourne, is making a splash all around the world due to its elegant culture, tree-lined promenades, old heritage (museum) and historic architecture, amazing street art, wonderful art gallery, quality wine, its vineyard, and its beautiful rolling green hills. The relaxed ambience of Yarra valley is undoubtedly an amazing spot to soothe the soul. Furthermore, Melbourne also entertains the people visiting from various areas of the globe as its food items covers a wide range of Greek, Italian, Spain and Indian cuisines. Hence, making this perfect place for food lovers. Not only is it a place for peace lovers, architects or foodies, but also sports lovers find it their home! It is also known as the “second largest metropolis of Australia”. This scenic and charming city is the best place to spend your vacation and leisure. So if you’re planning to refresh your soul, soothe your mind and enjoy natural beauty, then there is no perfect place such to do Melbourne city tours & sightseeing! 

Turning pages of history illustrates that Melbourne’s laneways presents the world-class street art.  These laneways have gone transformation from shortcut passages in the main city grid to proud canvasses. These streets show great and unique expressions of art and colourful murals by famous artists. National Gallery of Victoria is an absolute stop for you if you possess an artistic mind. It was mainly opened for visitors back in 1968 in St. Kilda Road building. The Great Hall is the reason that attract tourists to this very building that are encouraged to lie peacefully on the floor and enjoy sightseeing at the colourful stained glass ceiling.   

The sunrise ballooning and scenic flights are always pleasure giving! If you want to enjoy the feel of scenic flights then set your alarm clock early, because a sunrise balloon flight definitely illustrates the concept to start their flight just before dawn. Not only will you explore the wonders of the beautiful landscape of Yarra but will also appreciate the panorama of forests, farms, vineyard and corridors of vines, beautiful rolling green hills and the clean water-flow of Yarra river whatever the season.During this flight, you would really like to seize the clock and take as much pleasure as you can! Its beautiful vineyards and breathtaking views will be captured in your mind forever. So if you’re in Melbourne take an hour drive to Yarra Valley and enjoy this Melbourne tour with balloon flights!  

Another great way to view Melbourne’s most scenic areas is by participating in a Great Ocean Road Melbourne tour, this will enable you to explore the Great Ocean Road which is an extremely popular tourist destination. You will be able to see native animals, as well as beautiful landscapes on this scenic tour.

Queen Victoria Market, a renowned area where locals and tourists visit. If you turn back the pages of history you will find out that this has been the centrist point of shopping since 1878. No matter when you make a visit to this history place, you will always find the elegant food halls and markets that sell almost everything including clothing, art, and toys, five days a week. Not only there are special tours offered to visitors but also visitors are encouraged to be a part of their special events like night markets and music concerts. Since there are more visitors and sightseers during vacation in summer, so these events most probably happens during that time of the year!  

If you are looking for a convenient and cheap source of sightseeing Melbourne city, then City Circle Trams are best choice for you because it offers free rides to visitors. Trams are considered an important element of Melbourne’s public transport system. Tram passes many of the magnificent historic buildings and places, from Parliament House, the Old Treasury Building, Princess Theatre to the Windsor Hotel. You can take the trams after every 12 minutes. Your whole visit will be consisted of total 50 minutes but it will be worth it!