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We are one of the most experienced and one of its kind publishing company with 12 years of working experience in the books publishing and distribution industry. We believe that we do not only make a book, we give birth to thousands of years of legacy and contribution towards human resource building. We are fully informed regarding all the most recent structure and distributing patterns through joint efforts with craftsmen over the globe. We are focused not only on the quality of our work and service, but also focused on the quality of customers that walk in through our doors daily. The better the quality of the work done by the customers, the better will the outcome desired. Because publishing books and articles if not just about printing a piece of writing on a paper, its more about how you read and interpret the minds of the end users and how you will model the mindset through the most effective weapon of change. Once a customer walks in with a piece of writing, we do not just print it right away. We put in efforts and innovative techniques in order to make the reading and our product worthwhile while keeping a close eye on maintaining the quality of our produce. Working with us will let lose you to do what you and the group have been prepared to do and permit you to invest more energy maintaining your business. We ensure that our product conveys your brand image to the customer. We have a design lab intact which works on the different aspects of the publication, starting from not just finding the reason why a customer should buy this book but also why you should invest in this publication. We are the book publishers based in Melbourne needs and we are here to provide you our esteemed services. 


If you have served your time in writing a book and delivering your ideas on a paper, you should take equal amount of time for finding the right publisher to publish your book. You should contact Sunday Press for biographies, tales and corporate book publishing. No matter if you decide to use us as your publisher or you do it yourself, there are different aspects that you need to consider before deciding who your publisher will be. Here are some of the major aspects you need to consider before choosing a publisher. 

  1. You need to question yourself on the type of format you will be using for publishing your work. 
  1. You should check your work for all the errors that may get highlighted after publishing the book. 
  1. Consider finalising the cover art, photos of the author and other information before checking for the publisher. 
  1. Come to terms if your writing needs print on demand publication or electronic copy of publication
  1. Make sure your book is proofread and edited before submitting them for publication. 
  1. Consider a budget for additional fee that may be incorporated in case of extra proof reading and editing of the document. 
  1. Look out for the profile of the editor in case you require additional editing. The editor plays a key role in maintaining and highlighting the quality of your work. 
  1. Consider the option of freelance editing if your publisher only provides publishing facilities and not editing options. Negotiate and investigate the freelancing services you are offered in order to maintain the quality of the work. 
  1. Investigate if your publisher promotes the authors it is working with. See if the publisher keeps in contact with any media house or such for the advertising and promotions campaigns of the book and the writings being submitted by its authors. 
  1. Brainstorm the ideas for the best cover for your book because some books are judged by their covers. 
  1. Make sure your cover and formatting design makes your book standout in the market and help you grab the best of sales and market share. 
  1. Ensure that you have written the book synopsis effectively for the marketing campaign.