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Alzburg Resorts, a Place Where Dreams Come True 

First, we need to know about what is a Resort.  A resort is a type of Hotel and it is different, but how? That is a question. The answer to this question is it has different activities like swimming, boat riding, horse riding and Jet Ski. People go to resorts for making memories with family and friends. In addition, the benefits of going to a resort are that people stay healthy and active. As we, all know every person has a daily routine and it is very tough for them. So most of them try to visit resorts with families to get fresh and energetic. 

If you are residing in Melbourne then Alzburg resort is a place to go. We offer different activities under one roof. Our famous activities are MT Buller ski Lodge and MT Buller snow trip. People come from around the world to enjoy the snow season. We arrange different games and competitions that involve snow so that visitors can enjoy the snow season to the fullest. 

Services of Alzburg 

Let us have a look at the various factors that urge people to choose the services of Alzburg. 

  • Park n Ride  

We give you an option of a park n ride. The idea behind offering this service is that we want to cater to those who cannot take out time for a couple of days. Still, want to enjoy the MT Buller snow trip. Therefore, we provide them with a choice of park n ride. They can come for a single day, park their vehicle, and head towards the desired area.  

  • Conferences 

We have conference halls in our resort. Top management arranges annual ceremonies here for the employees. We arrange the whole ceremony where all the employees have their time of life. They spend 2-3 nights in the resort when they come.  

  • Day Trips 

When people come to us for the holidays, they do not know about the surrounding areas. They want to explore the adjacent areas. For their convenience, we arrange day trips for them. We have riders and guides who take the visitors to their desired places and explain the culture.  

  • Events  

We are also open to any upcoming event you are planning to have. Our resort is away from the city and in an ideal place. You can surprise your guests with the best event ever. You have to call us and let us know about the nature of an event. We do all the arrangements for you as per the requirements.  

  • Activities 

We arrange different and multiple activities at MT Buller ski lodge. We do not only think about the kids but we have activities for adults and old aged group people as well. When you come to us, we promise you will forget all your worries and tension. We shall entertain you to the fullest.  

  • Food 

Who does not love the food? People who are on a strict diet tend to have all kinds of food when they are on vacation. Holidays call for fun and food. We have multiple foods present in the resort, where you can enjoy them. You do not have to worry about cooking for kids or anyone. We have options for everyone from vegetarians to non-vegetarians.  

  • Shopping Markets 

You can go to the shopping market to buy traditional clothes and souvenirs for friends and families. When we go on holiday, we like to buy a souvenir as a memory. There is a huge variety of souvenirs available in the market at good prices.  

  • Rooms 

We have many options available for rooms for you. Following are the options that we offer to our guests. You can choose the best one according to your preferences.  

  1. Hotel Spa Room 
  1. Studio Apartments 
  1. Two-Bedroom Apartment 
  1. Two-Bedroom Apartment 
  1. Three-Bedroom Suite 
  • Welcoming 

Our staff is welcoming, as we have trained them to respect the guests. Before hiring, we train them as per our tradition of the resort. Our staff is always ready to resolve the issues and guide you n a better way. We all together can make your stay happy and memorable.  

  • Affordable 

Our services are affordable. We have many packages available for you. Choose the best one.