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A Safari To Remember

Just looking at the fast-paced hunt of the African lions is enough to send our hearts racing. To witness the skilled hunt of these lions, the stealth and speed of the leopards, the quiet majesty of the African elephants and the Cape Buffalo, and the strength of the Black rhinoceros is a dream that most of us have though our lives. To look at these beautiful animals at close range is surely a once in a lifetime, most memorable experience, and also an experience to bring us closer to nature as well. All of the animals mentioned earlier are part of the Big 5 – named so by hunters due to the danger and difficulty in hunting them – and are found exclusively in the African continent. Alongside these animals, as we all know, the African continent is home to perhaps the most diverse range of wildlife on the planet. It is home to some of the most beautiful – and at times endangered – species of birds, mammals, and fish. Furthermore, truly actualising the wildlife explorer’s dreams, you would find the most stunningly large collection of fauna making the African experience the most vibrant ever.  

Truly, the exact beauty of the African Savannah can never quite be put into words. To really realise the beauty of the wildlife and plant life, one must visit the land itself and experience all it has to offer. Apart from witnessing the beauty of the continent, there are many other reasons you should opt for South African safari tours. Firstly, many of the animals in the safari, such as the African bush elephant, black rhino, and cheetahs, to name a few are endangered.

A safari trip allows us to view these animals, amongst many others, in their natural habitat. Furthermore, a safari allows us to see many other animals in the flesh – rather than on our TV screens – in their homes. We can either explore the land on safari vehicles or for an even closer experience, on foot. Through all of this, you never need to worry about safety for experts ensure that your trip through the safari lands is as safe as a stroll through your own garden!  

You also don’t need to worry about your safari experience,  eating all your savings, for your safari holiday will be extremely affordable, with you getting value for every penny you spend. The trip may also be less hectic than your usual vacation, as it requires very little planning from your end – the tour handlers usually have everything prepared beforehand, you can enjoy yourself without the added hassle of preparing for the next few days. An ideal location for your South African safari tours may be Kruger National Park, a world renowned conservation park often frequented by National Geographic’s wildlife experts. For your personalised safari experience you may choose 20twentyplus, a destination management company, which offers customised tours.  

The true African experience can never be complete through only a safari expedition – it requires interaction with the native African community. To truly create a memorable experience, you really must mingle with the locals and experience their cuisines, customs, and traditions. Kenya safari tours through 20twentyplus also provide this unique opportunity to meet the local community, as the travel itinerary includes trips to local villages. Furthermore, you can explore the great landscape, looking at Blyde River Canyons and Victoria Falls. Thus, be sure to keep your cameras with you at all times as you embark on this picturesque journey! Provision of trained travel guides ensures your trip will be totally hassle-free.  

Therefore, to have the most unique travelling experience, where you experience a diverse range of wildlife personally, and get to learn and experience traditional African customs, book your safari trip today! Be it a summer family trip, solo excursion, or even a one of a kind honeymoon, your trip to the South African Savannah will surely be remembered for many years to come. For a customised trip, you may contact 20twentyplus, which claims flexible rates, and many travel packages covering a wide range of activities.